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Staveyard Oud Bruin

Tasting Notes

Staveyard is a blend of batch lactobacillus soured young ale and biere de garde aged in neutral oak barrels for 50 weeks. Multiple complex layers integrate malty sweetness, rounded acidity, sweet honey oxidation, and wood tannins with a light mahogany hue


7.0 % alc/vol


Pils, vienna, amber, dark Munich, Extra Special malts, nugget and streisselspalt hops

Beer nerd facts

Oud Bruin, or Flanders Brown, style of beer is a blend of aged ale and fresher younger ale. Unlike it’s close relative Flanders Red, Flanders brown is typically aged in stainless tanks and the old ale gains acidity over time from souring cultures added while fresh ale revitalizes the beer during blending. Staveyard took the opposite approach, where the aged stock ale component added a pleasant oxidative character of honey and oak, while the acidity was imparted through batch souring of the young ale portion before primary fermentation.


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