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Belgian Style Ale Mix Fermented with Torulaspora Delbrueckii

Tasting Notes

Golden multifaceted Belgian style ale with subtle fruity notes of apricot, lychee, currant, and honey layered with noble hop spice and peppercorns phenols notes.


6.0 % alc/vol


Pils, Vienna, Oat Malt, Spelt, Nugget, Sterling, and Rakau hops

Beer nerd facts

Very, Very Far adds a twist on the spirit of Belgian mixed fermentation brewing by utilizing a non-traditional wine yeast Torulaspora delbruekii. The hop profile built to compliment fruit ester character from Torulaspora delbreuckii with New Zealand Rakau hops and spicy character from the Belgian ale strain with Sterling hops.

Torulaspora delbruekii is a domesticated yeast from a different genus than saccharomyces with traditional use in a mixed fermentation typically in wine or cider production as well as applications in bread production. This alternative yeast produces a complex variety of fruity flavors unlike traditional ale or lager yeast without the funk or acidity commonly associated the wild beer microbes brettanomyces, lactobacillus and pediococcus. A fruity ester profile is especially enhanced by this non-conventional strain.

Pronounced “Toe-rule-a-spore-a”


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