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We brew beer. Sometimes we do other stuff, but not as well.

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We brew beer. Sometimes we do other stuff, but not as well.

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Troublesome Lipzig Style Gose

Tasting Notes


Troublesome is a German style wheat beer featuring a refreshing lemon rind tang, mild citrus notes and a pinch of salt to enhance the mouthfeel.


4.3 % alc/vol


Pilsner malt, flaked wheat, wheat malt, flaked oats, salt, coriander, and lactic acid created by lactobacillus (vegan)

Beer nerd facts

Lactobacillus was brought into Off Color before brewers yeast. We still use the original culture that has morphed to create a house flavor over time. In the souring process, the bacterial ferments the wort to create lactic acid and flavoring compounds in designated tanks. Killing off all the live bacterial cells through the pasteurization of a short boil ensures the souring does not continue unchecked as the tart wort is blended into a young traditionally fermenting beer. The souring tanks are refilled with wort and the lactobacillus takes off creating more acid in a nearly continuous process.



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