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Under my tree-roof slanting lines of april rain separate to drops Wild Ale with Sudachi and white tea

Tasting Notes

Sudachi adds a complex citrus character intermingled with the mild tartness and floral notes from our wild house culture. Mid-pallet is reminiscent of lemon tart, preserved limes and meringue fading into the softness of white tea.


6.2% alc/vol


Pilsner malt, wheat malt, oat malt, sterling and ahtanum hops, Sudachi and white tea

Beer nerd facts

Sudachi is a seldom seen Asian citrus fruit akin to yuzu but with a deeper, more complex character. Poetry by Matsuo Bashõ. 

Sample Menu Description

Wild Ale with Sudachi and White Tea. Mild tartness and floral esters propel the interplay between the deep, preserved lime character of Sudachi (a seldom seen Asian citrus fruit), delicate white tea and the haikus of Basho.


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