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Prisoner's Dilemma Aussie Style Colonial Ale

Tasting Notes

Highlighting historical brewing herbs, our amber hued ale exhibits a lightly toasted and slightly sweet mild malt backbone with pine and lemon aromas and finishes with a minty, menthol bitterness,


5.4 % alc/vol


Mild and crystal malts, horehound, grains of paradise, coriander, costmary, enough hops to make it legally a beer (vegan)

Beer nerd facts

Australian style colonial ale (a style of beer that we made up with historical origins) pays homage to a time before hops were cultivated Down Under. Using "medical herbs" that could be obtained (or stolen) from any local pharmacy in the 18th century, this beer pays tribute to James Squire, British convict turned hop farmer, who was caught stealing some of these herbs to make his home brewed ale and sentenced to 150 lashes of the whip.

Horehound (a member of the mint family with old timey origins) provides most of the bitterness for this brew. Horehound was (and is) mostly commonly used as a natural ingredient for helping sooth a sore throat.


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