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Tasting Notes

Hyper Predator is our classic farmhouse ale blended with lightly roasted Ethiopian cold brewed coffee. The final beer highlights the juicy esters and tropical hops notes of Apex Predator while while the coffee compliments with mixed berry, coconut followed by a robust coffee savoriness. 


6.5 % alc/vol


Pils, Flaked Wheat, Honey Malt, Sterling and Crystal hops, Ethiopian Abeba Genet Coffee from Metric Coffee Co.

Beer nerd facts

On its own lightly roasted Ethiopia Abeba Genet coffee gleams with floral aroma and flavors of lychee, lilac, and lemongrass. It strikes a wonderful balance with the inherent fruit and spice associated with Apex Predator.

Sample Menu Description

Coffee saison blended with cold pressed Ethiopia Abeba Genet from Metric Coffee. A fully washed heirloom varietal from the birthplace of coffee with floral aromas and flavors of lychee, lilac, and lemongrass.


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