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Tasting Notes

Growl is a Belgian style dark strong showcasing a dark copper color. Deep caramelized sugar harmonizes with spicy yeast notes. A nip of heat balances the dark sweetness that coats your mouth before the euphoria sets in.


8.5 % alc/vol


Pils, Dark Munich, Oats, Dark Crystal Malts, Nugget hops, Dark Candi Sugar

Beer nerd facts

How does this single, dubbel, tripel, quadruple thing work anyhow? The start likely came when a bunch of monks got too drunk and decided they needed a way to classify the beers by alcoholic strength. The explanation offered by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) refers back to a mostly abandoned parti-gyle system of mashing. With this historical method, one mash would create different strength beers with the first run off being the highest in fermentable sugars, and subsequent run offs resulting in weaker and weaker beer. The first beer would likely be around 20% sugar by weight, the second beer would likely be 10-15% by weight, and the last run off would likely be under 10% sugar by weight and often be low enough in alcohol for children to drink.

By this explanation, a Quadruple, a Tripel, a Dubbel, and a Single would be similar beers of varying body and alcoholic strength. These days, the style designations refer to very different types of beers with widely varying ingredients. The deviation into today's styles were made famous by the Wesmalle Monastery. 

Sample Menu Description

Belgian style Quadrupel with rich notes of cocoa powder, candied figs and caramelized sugar balanced by layered, warming alcohols.



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