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Cygnet Foeder Aged Wild Ale with Koji

Tasting Notes

Pleasant intertwining of two mixed cultures, nectarine/stone fruit ester profile and more lime forward, mineral character of Jesterking’s house culture. White grapes, papaya, and guava overlay a spritzy acidity with elegant oak structure from a 13 month rest in our Barolo foedre and a subtle perfume from the koji inoculated sake rice.


5.2% alc/vol


Pilsner, Vienna, Flaked Wheat, Fancy Rice, Magnum Hops, Koji inoculated rice, Jester King and Off Color mixed cultutres

Beer nerd facts

Sake lees (or sake kasu) is the spent rice left over after sake production. Because rice does not naturally contain the enzymes to break down the rice starch matrix into fermentable sugars, a fungus called koji is used to co-ferment rice sake with traditional brewer's yeast. The koji leaves a distinct sake flavor in the spent rice after the liquid sake is pressed out of the solids. These pressed solids are thrown into the mash tun and offer a twist on this adjunct lager.


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