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Class War Gotlandsdricka

Tasting Notes

A dark winter sipper wafting rose smoke vapors and dark chocolate aromas while displaying spicy dark rye bread notes and resinous gin oils.


9.5 % alc/vol


Pale Malt, Dark Munich, CaraCrystal Wheat, Rye Malt, Flaked Rye, Chocolate Malt, Persimmon House-Smoked Malt, Nugget Hops, Honey, Sugar, Juniper Berries

Beer nerd facts

Gotlandsdricka is the indigenous ale of the island of Gotlands (an island in Scandinavia) and was once the everyday drink of the Vikings (when they were not quaffing mead). Gotlandricka is still brewed by grizzly Scandinavians.

Sample Menu Description

A dark sipper with wafting dark chocolate aromas and rose smoke vapors with spicy dark rye bread notes and resinous juniper gin oils


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