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Aqua Predator Wet Hopped Saison

Tasting Notes

Aqua Predator gets totally submerged in Crystal wet hops (or at least as much as our makeshift hop back could hold). Lemongrass dominates the nose while a melon tang finishes to a hop oil vapor.


6.5 % alc/vol


Pils, flaked wheat, honey malt, wet crystal hops from Hop Head Farms in Michigan

Beer nerd facts

Hops cones are typically picked from trellises from the end of August through October (in the Northern Hemisphere) and processed for long term storage. The process for long term storage need to be accomplished quickly as the fresh picked hop cones are fairly perishable and will quickly rot. Aqua predator uses 100 pounds of crystal hops picked by our friends at Hop Head Farms in Michigan in the morning and infused in our single 20 barrel (600 gallon) batch with a make shift hopback later that afternoon.

Sample Menu Description

Our farmhouse ale wet-hopped with Crystal hops from Hop Head farms to impart a huge lemongrass aroma and green hop oils.


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