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We brew beer. Sometimes we do other stuff, but not as well.

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Saturday, November 8
Mousetrap’s 2nd Anniversary (Tiki) Party

Just droppin’ this info here in case you wanna drink lots of beers you long for, or ones you never got a chance to try, or just wanna, like, hang out. The Facebook Event is going to have the most up-to-date draft info, so check it out.

Limited & Seasonal Releases
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Dickens Ave Bottle Shop

Here are some of the fancy beers we have in addition to year-rounds Apex Predator, Tooth and Claw, and Troublesome.  Click the image to enhance the label for details.

Coming Soon(ish)

Sometime in December: Bare Bear Finnish-style Sahti and then after that Myshka Russian Serf Stout will return. All in 16oz cans!

Updated 11/7/19

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