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We brew beer. Sometimes we do other stuff, but not as well.

Bottle Shop = Not A Taproom

3925 W Dickens is a retail location with tours on Saturdays. There is no taproom at the Hermosa address. The hours you googled or looked up on Facebook are the shop's hours.

*BUT* coming FALL 2017! We are building out a second location in Lincoln Park. That location will have a sweet taproom where you can hang out and drink to your heart's content. The Dickens address is NOT that location. Don't jump out of your Uber in haste thinking you are about to get wasted in the bottle shop. Not the sitch. The Lincoln Park spot will be at 1460 N Kingsbury. We can't wait! 

We love you, thanks for coming to visit us, buying fresh beer and sweet merch, and making drinking memories at our friends' establishments in Chicago. xo.

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