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Fierce Berliner Weisse

FIERCE gets its mean streak from a 100% kettle acidification. This beer is 50% pilsner malt and 50% wheat and brewed like every other beer up until we fill the kettle. At that point we cool the wort down to a balmy 50 dC and pitch our in-house lactobacillus culture straight into the kettle. Then we gas the tank with carbon dioxide to make sure no other microbes get in there and then we go home.

We usually come back the next day and try it, but then often go home again (it's good we don't live too far from the brewery). Then after about 14 hours the souring is complete and we bring the soured wort to a boil and throw whatever hops we are trying to get rid of (the brewsheet literally say "Tettnang or whatever"). Then to just mix things up a bit, we pitch a saison yeast and let the fermentation free rise and it get up to around 32 dC (we use metric so you can't clone our recipes).

The resulting beer is sour with a slight fruity note from fermentation that give it a slight sweet tart flavor. But since you are holding it right now why don't you just try it already.

Thanks for reading this... here's a cartoon I drew on cocktail napkins with a Sharpie to say thanks!

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