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Gose Style Beer

Most brewers spend a lot of time and effort keeping lactobacillus out of their breweries; it was the first thing we brought in (it still has to stay in the corner though). We blend together two different beers to make Troublesome. The first is a somewhat uninteresting wheat beer and the second is an overly acidic & funky beer fermented solely with lactobacillus. We blend the two beers together with coriander and salt at the tail end of fermentation to create a mild, lemony tartness and a fuller sensation of mouthfeel. And yes, it's hard to make.

Availability: Year-round Draft and Bottles

ABV: 4.3%   |    IBU: 10

Hops: Northern Brewer

Malts: Pils, Wheat Malt, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats

Secret Ingredients: Coriander and Lactobacillus



Dark Honey Ale

Just cause it's dark and German doesn't mean it's an alt. Based on the obscure Kottbusser style of beer, this surprisingly dry beer retains all the aroma and nuance of honey (from bees) and molasses (not from bees) creating a perception of sweetness through cool, controlled fermentation. Because we're sweet enough damn it. 

Availability: Year-round Draft and Bottles

ABV: 5.3%   |    IBU: 18

Hops: Strisselspalt, Nothern Brewer, Hallertau Hersbrucker

Malts: Pils, Dark Munich, Wheat Mal, Chocolate Malt, Flaked Oats

Secret Ingredients: Honey and Molasses




apex art.jpg

Farmhouse Ale

When you brew as much as we do, sometimes we get tired of telling the yeast what to do. For Apex Predator Farmhouse Ale, we pitch the yeast cold, turn off the temperature control, and let the yeast do it's thing. To our delight, it spat out the sweet scent of juicy fruit wafting from a frothy, white mane. Brewed only with grain and sugar unencumbered by the heat of the kiln, we create a hazy, golden body. Apex Predator gets its teeth from a generous Crystal dry-hopping that completes the dry finish with a fruity bite. Pounce on the opportunity to let it part your lips and you may find yourself at the top of the food chain.

Availability: Year-round Draft and Bottles

ABV: 6.8%   |    IBU: 35

Malts: Pils and Flaked Wheat

Hops: Crystal and Sterling

Secret Techniques: Free rise fermentation and prey selection


fierce | 3.8 % ABV | Berliner Weisse

Troublesome's meaner cousin will flail your tongue as hard as he can, but being such a little guy, you'll probably just pucker a bit. Spawned through an overnight kettle souring with our house lactobacillus culture, the wort emerges furious at what we did to it. Then, just because, we pitch a saison yeast and allow it to free rise to it's further distain. It comes out angrier than... uh, angrier than... well, something really angry. But at 3.8% ABV there's no reason for you to be too afraid.

Availability: Summer/Fall 2014. Draft and bottles

IBU: 3ish?

Malts: Pils, Wheat, Flaked Wheat

Hops: A little

Secret Ingredients: Lactobacillus, Napoleon complex

Bare Bear | 7.0% Sahti

A long time ago in Finland, a bunch of Finnish dudes built a sauna. It was nicer in there than it was outside, so they stayed in there until they ran out of beer. When they ran out of beer they still didn't want to go outside so they decided it would be better if they just started brewing their beer in the sauna. And so began the tradition of brewing this Finnish style beer in saunas. Chock full of rye and juniper and spicy yeast esters, our sahti might inspire you to build your own sauna to ride out this winter.

16 dP  |    IBU: 20

Malts: Pils, CaraRye, Rye Malt, Carapils, Red malt, Roasted barely

Hops: Nugget

Secret Ingredients: Juniper Berries

Space Tiger! - Funky Super Saison in 750s

Bretty, funky and striped for camouflage, Space Tiger is a larger cousin our our other lion based farmhouse ales. Fermented with our house funk culture and hopped with a blend of Galaxy, Kazbek and Sterling for a melange of lemon, farmhouse, and tropical notes. Some from the hops and some from the different brett cultures just getting weird with it. I mean, we miss David Bowie too.


Tiger walks into a bar. Bartender asks what he'll have. Tiger goes "Well, I'll have" Bartender says "Sure. But what's with the big pause?" Tiger looks down at his paws and says "These? They're from my mother's side"

WARI Chicha de Molle inspired ale | 4.0 ABV

We have some friends over at the Field Museum because they like animals and beer and stuff and we like animals and beer and stuff. We started saying we should work on making different beers together from countries other than England and Germany. It just so happened Dr. Ryan Williams was part of a team who discovered an ancient brewery in Cerro Baúl, Peru. They found a mill, boiling and fermenting vats and remnants of molle berries all around the brewery. You can read about it here. So we thought it would be fun to try to make a beer inspired by the ancient drink known as chicha de molle. All we had to do was import some purple corn from Peru, mill it up, spice it with molle berries and pump the beer into the closest thing we had to a ceramic vat, which is our old, beat up lactobacillus tank. What came out was a beer-like drink with a dry, grainy funk and pepper spiciness, plus it was deep purple in color with pink foam lacing. Made us wonder if the Wari's wished they drank out of glassware rather than ceramics.

Gravity: 11 P

Malts: Pils, Peruvian Purple Corn, Honey Malt

Hops: The Green Kind

Secret Ingredient: Molle Berries, Excavation


Hyper Predator Coffee Farmhouse Ale | 6.5%abv

When you are a Farmhouse Ale the top of the food chain, you ingest everything in sight. SOMETIMES coffee bean are in sight. WHEN YOU INGest those, it takes you to a whole 'nother trophic level. THEN YOU ARE ON TOP OF THE TOP. WHEN YOU GET ON TOP OF THE TOP IT'S HARD TO COME BACK DOWN. BUT WHY COME DOWN? YOU ARE ALREADY AT A DIFFERENT LEVEL! MAN, THIS COFFEE FARMHOUSE ALE IS GOOD!!! WHY AM I FEELING MY HEART THIS MUCH!?

Sparkles Finds Trouble Hibiscus Gose | 4.3% ABV

Curious kittens sometimes get themselves into trouble. What they find out is some things are best left alone. Likewise, curious brewers sometimes add flowers and junk to their beer to see what'll happen. What they find out is those flowers will add a sweet note and stunning pink color to an otherwise tart and salty beer. 


Le Woof Biere de Garde | 7.3 % ABV 

Inspired by our brewery puppy, Hops, Biere de Guard Dog seems sweet enough will a strong malt presence lead by Munich and Vienna malts. But at 7.3% ABV, it packs a bite. Just ask our delivery guy!

Availability: This fall; draft only

ABV: 7.3%   |   IBUs: 20

Malts: Pils, Vienna, Dark Munch

Hops: Chinook, Strisselspalt

Secret Ingredients: Territorial Aggression

Le Predateur | 6.5% ABV

A beret-wearing, baguette-eating, mustached farmhouse ale made with French malts, French saison yeast, and Australian hops... what?

Availability: Fall 2015 in mostly bottles

ABV: 6.5%   |   IBUs: 25

Malts: Pils, Wheat, Special Aromatic

Hops: Nelson Sauvin

Secret Ingredients: Google Translate

15 Feet|  3.2% ABV  

Applewood Smoked Wheat Beer

We brew this beer with 100% applewood smoked wheat to drink during brew days. Small so we can drink all day, but alluring enough to hold our attention. The only problem is no one makes applewood smoked wheat malt so we have to smoke it ourselves...which lengthens our brew we need more beer. It's a vicious cycle of spicy hops punctuating sweet, ephemeral applewood smoke. And if you don't want to drink it, fine. We'll drink it all ourselves.

Availability: Spring 2013 on draft

ABV: 3.5% | IBUs: 37.6

Malts: Applewood Smoked Wheat

Hops: Nugget, Sorachi Ace

Secret Ingredients: Water

DAWDLE|  6.2%  |  Barrel Aged Scurry

Being the smug brewers we are, we made a bunch of beer right when we opened. When all that beer didn't sell instantly like we planned, we got taken down a notch and had to find something to do something with the excess beer. So we got some barrels and put some Scurry in them and hoped for the best. Later that year, it took a silver metal at the Festival of Barrel Aged Beers. So now we can be smug brewers again, I guess.

Availability: Draft only

Eille | 7.5% ABV | Biere de Miel

John likes gin, but John makes beer. To reconcile these two things, John made a Bee's Knees cocktail inspired honey saison made with gin spices and lemon juice. 

Availability: Now, and maybe later; Draft and Bottles

ABV: 7.5%   |    IBU: 15

Malts: Pils and Flaked Wheat

Hops: Liberty, Santiam, Sorchi Ace

Secret Ingredients: Honey, Lemon Zest, Lemon Juice, Juniper, Coriander, Chamomile, and Rose Hips

DINOS'MORES|  10.5% Imperial Stout

Amager Bryghus and West Lakeview Liquors

When we launched BorrachaBaker made us some s'mores shaped like dinosaurs for our launch event. Then, we made an imperial stout with graham flour, marshmallow fluff, vanilla, and cocoa nibs with Amager and West Lakeview Liquors. Then, we brought this beer to the Brewpub Shootout and paired the beer named after the food with a food the beer wasn't named after. People were confused and named it best beer (or was it food?) at the Shootout. 

ABV: 10.5%   |    IBU:40

Malts: Pale, Vienna, Wheat, Cara II, Extra Special, Flaked Oats, Dark Chocolate, Black, Roasted Barley

Hops: Nugget

Secret Ingredients: Marshmallow fluff, vanilla beans, molasses, graham flour, cocoa nibs

Availability: Draft and Bottle

Coffee Dinosmores (2016) | 10.5%abv

We worked with Metric Coffee this for this years Coffee Dinosmores. Looking to highlight and expand upon the roasty, smokey aspect of the beer we chose a single origin bean from Sumatra - Ibu Rumani with classic dominant chocolate, pipe tobacco and cherry notes because big, dumb stupid flavors in the right proportions can be delicate and nuanced as well

Class War | 10% Gotlandsdricka

When vikings weren't drinking mead and pillaging, they would drink this high gravity smoked rye beer to kill time. Better that they were killing time than villagers. Our malt for gotlandsdricka is smoked over pear wood and then we add a bunch of honey to give it an extra kick in the skull.


Prairie Dog Attack  |  7.5% Farmhouse Ale

Brewed with Prairie Artisan Ales 

Chase Healey, founder and brewmaster of Prairie Brewing, recently paid Off Color a visit to collaborate on a beer. Chase, Dave and John brewed a beer so dry some claimed they didn't use water. The resulting beer was a deliciously palatable Tettnanger dry hopped farmhouse ale fermented with Prairie's saison yeast and Off Color's lactobacillus colony.

Tonnerre Neige  |  8.5% Belgian Strong Golden

Brewed with Three Floyds

Echoing the constant bickering between Belgium’s French and Flemish speaking regions, we brewed a beer halfway between a Belgian Strong Golden and a Super Saison. Then we pitched in both Belgian yeast and French Saison yeast to let them fight it out.

Availability: Draft, Spring and Summer of 2013... of what wasn't pigeonholed away

Beer Geek Mus!  |  3.5% Russian Serf Stout

Brewed with Mikkeller

Rather than a typical Imperial Stout, which quickly decimates you and buries you in the yard, this delicate beauty wraps a warm scarf around your neck and just tightens it, ever… so… gently. Exclamation point optional, but preferred.

Availability: Draft, Summer and Fall of 2013

Smoked Bock   |  6.5%

Brewed with Metropolitan

Dave went to home depot, spent $45 and built a home-make malt smoker. Then him and Doug smoked a bunch of Vienna malt with maple wood and used it in a classic bock recipe. John meanwhile met with the insurance agent to get insurance. Both ventures were successful.

Availability: One half-barrel, March 10th, 2013- March 11th, 2013

Pink Pils   |   5.0%

Brewed with Metropolitan

We used a heritage strain of purple rice in a pils to trick Doug and Tracy into making their first adjunct lager. Unfortunately, they were onto us from the start. They’re smarter than we are... which is good because we learned most of what we know about building a brewery from them.

Availability: One half-barrel, March 10th, 2013- March 11th, 2013

Halfbock   |   3.5%

Brewed with Haymarket

We wanted to make something super small so we would have something to drink all day at our popup bar without falling over. Then, we figured there's a bock and a doppelbock so why not half of one? It didn't work. Well, the beer did but John stood up on the bar half naked and drunkenly rambled at everyone for unknown reasons. Or, as he tells the story, “I was calmly drinking a bottle of rum and then woke up at home."

Availability: Draft, Spring 2013

RADIOLARIA | 4.5 % ABV | American Wild

Our collaboration with Jester King in our first large format release. 

Availability: Get it before it is gone forever

ABV: 4.5%   |    IBU: 40

Malts: Pils, Flaked Wheat, Special Aromatic

Hops: Sorachi Ace

Secret Ingredients: House blends of indigenous yeasts and bacteria from the wilds of Texas and the frozen depths of Chicago.

RATS IN THE ASHES|  Belgian Half Quad

Brewed with Three Floyds

When Three Floyds comes knocking at your door with a half barrel of Alpha King asking to do another collaboration... you say yes. This time around we brewed as standard strength Belgian style Quad with D2 sugar and some yeast the Floyds stole from Belgium.

Availability: Draft only

Availability: Draft, Late Summer 2013

CORYBANTIC | Wild Ale Brewed with Side Project

WHISKERS | Rose Style Wild Ale Aged in Wine Puncheons brewed with Central State

Silver Medal winner - FoBAB 2015

HELLBROTH | Cranberry Wild Ale Brewed with Amager Bryghus 


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